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Today I present you a very nice wax from the Plant of Life Family.
It has 66% CBD and smells very spicy but also Fruity towards Mango, as the Name of the Product implies.
The Taste and the Effect of this CBD-Wax convinced me.I used it in the Vaporizer.

The Mango Kush 66% CBD Wax is made from legal, registered and traceable Organic Hemp.
http://geniecbd.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Backsite-Waxe-66-Prozent-CBD-Neu-bei-GenieCBD.jpgThe Cannabinoid Profile is a Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile and contains the Best in Terpenes.

The Oil in Mango Kush is gently extracted by a CO2 extraction.

Various tests confirm the purity.
They were carried out to ensure a clean product without solvents and heavy metals.

It can be used like any Concentrate.
It is best to keep it in the Refrigerator to preserve the Terpenes at low Temperatures.
Always keep the lid closed so that the Terpenes do not evaporate or volatilize.
The Terpenes come from various Organic Hemp varieties that come from purely organic A-class Terpene Profiles.
CBD WAX 66% - 0,5 g
THC max. 0,2 %

More Information about what is CBD-Wax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjG8WbbMC1U
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