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Another Product I have found what I want to introduce you Today, it is CBD Crystal 99% / CBD 100mg.

I use these against my Sleep Problems and have them dissolved in E-liquid for the E-Cigarette.

There are many ways to use the CBD-Crystals

With such a high level of CBD, nobody is surprised that this product is so is popular.

CBD crystals are produced by a critical CO2 extraction. In this extraction, the THC is completely removed, by this processing they are at least 98% pure cannabidiol the other 1% -2% are terpenes and cannabinoids.

The CBD crystals are 100% natural.

In the end, the Product is snow white, looks like powdered Sugar.

The CBD Crystal shown here is made of High Quality Hemp oil.

This is then subsequently subjected to an extensive process of "winterization".

Fats and other Liquids are extracted slowly and with low heat.

Through the following process of "decarboxilation" the Cannabinoids are activated to make them accessible and usable.
Ingestion and uses

The dosage should be around 10 mg or the size of a pinhead.
With Eating:

To consume the CBD-Crystals over the Normal Food, you should Mix them with Butter or other Oils in front of it.

Then you can eat them with whatever you want.
With Vaporizer:

CBD-Crystals are most commonly used with a vaporizer, and those that can handle resins and oils are recommended.

Take a pinhead sized portion and add it to its Vaporizer, after the crystals have evaporated, the effect is immediately noticeable.

With CBD Oil
It can be easily prepared by mixing the CBD-Crystals with a carrier Oil such as Olive Oil or Hempseed Oil.

Now you can use these for the best and fastest effect simply with the help of a pipette.
By dropping it under the tongue. The dosage is individual and depends on experience with CBD.

As this CBD is 98% pure, 1-3 drops are sufficient morning and evening, depending on discomfort and well-being.

If you want to keep your oil long lasting and effective, you should fill your CBD oil in a dark vial with a pipette and keep it dark and cool.

We recommend, but nevertheless CBD Hemp Oil because of the "entourage effect" stating that the isolated pure substance does not have as much biological activity as a mixture of plant compounds itself.
Sublingual intake

For a particularly strong and fast effect, you can just let the CBD-Crystals melt under the Tongue.


Add 15-20 mg to 10 mg of finished Liquid and heat gently.

The Crystal is very versatile, so it can be used to reinforce other CBD products.

Or is suitable for those who have not had a good experience with THC.

It is great for saving money as it is the least expensive option on a long period of time.
CBD Crystals 99% - 0,1 gram THC max. 0,2 %


More Information about CBD-Crystals:
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