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I recommend a nice with love packed delicious hemp tea from MRS-Hanf with the name DonKon Hemp Flower Tea today.

The Hemp Flower Tea has a pronounced mild spicy odor and taste, it was picked by hand.

You can use the hemp flower tea versatile for infusions, baths, creams, to cook and bake or to make your own CBD oil.

The DonKon hemp flower tea has beautiful large hemp buds of the cannabis sativa variety and it is well dried.
CBD contains DonKon hemp flower tea 3% -5%
THC: max. 0.2%
Weight: 25g

Preparation recommendation according to manufacturer:

The addition of honey, lemon, mint, lemon balm, lime deepens the taste of the tea.
Tea preparation:

Pour 1 to 3g of hemp herb with boiling water (250-300 ml) and leave for 2-3 minutes. Don draws longer and Don Kon is more intense and gets a bit bitter.

Drink and prepare your Don Kon in a glass container (eg Latte Macchiato Glas). Don Kon can be drunk warm or cold and flavored with honey, lemon, lime or any light joke syrup.

Don Kon can also be served on ice with a shot of lightning syrup.

Preparation of a bath:

Pour the whole amount of this package (25g) with boiling water (1l) and let stand for 10-30 minutes. Make the bath 3/4 full with 36-38 degree water and add the infusion. Put the remaining extracted material in a cloth bag and immerse it in the bath during the bath.
Source: https://www.mrs-hanf.de/licht-witz/
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